Friday, 3 October 2014

How I took my skin from oily and spotty to normal and spots free!!!!!

   I've been struggling with oily skin and acnee since I was fourteen and it took me 6 years to find out the right products and to achieve a normal spots free skin. Now, I'm not saying that my skin is perfect, I still have occasional breakouts around that time of the month and a few black heads, but apart from that my it has been doing really well and I finally found the perfect skincare routine for me.
  I really hope this will help you even though I can't guarantee that the products which work for me will work for you as well, because skin is such an individual thing.

  I used to wake up every morning with a vail of grease on my face(gross, I know) and no matter how mattifying my foundation was, in half an hour I would look oily and disgusting.I was so self concious and I used to have spots around my chin and on my forehead all the time no matter what I did and it was really frustrating.
  I tried a lot of products during those years and most of them failed me or helped my just temorarily. It took me a long time but these are the products that sorted out my skin:

  Breakouts wise, wat literally saved my life was the LA ROCHE-POSAY- Effaclar Duo. I can't put into words how miraculous this product was to me, I can't live without it now. It's a drugstore product ,it's inexpensive and it has worked wonders on all of my friends. It has a sort of gel texture, really light, wonderfull under makeup. I use it all over my face in the morning and before I go to sleep and I use it instead of a moisturizer, because I find that if  I use a classical moisturizer my skin gets oily again. For me it's perfect but if you have slightly dryer skin you would need extra moisture.

  In terms of cleansing and removing my makeup, I use the BIODERMA Sensibio Micellar Water to remove my makeup and then I use the BIODERMA Sebium Foaming Gel which is a gentle cleanser for oily skin. I also use it every night and every morning and it keeps my skin soft,clean and oil free.

  After cleansing I usually use a toner and this is the part of my skincare that is not stable yet. For now I am using the GARNIER Fresh Detoxifying Grape Toner. It works for me but I'm not crazy about it.

  Then I use a product that I didn't use to believe in but now it's a must: LA ROCHE-POSAY Spring Thermal Water. It doesn't have to be La Roche Posay I also used Avene and Bioderma , they were all good. What this does for me is making my skin calm down after cleansing and exfoliating ,it preps it for the serum step,it's anti irritant and I find that it helps me to prevent breakouts. I just spray it after my toner and it feels so nice and soothing.

  After all that and before my Effaclar Duo I use a serum and it's the ESTEE LAUDER Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher. It is expensive but it's so worth it. It leaves the skin silky soft,large pores almost disappear ,foundation goes divine on top of it and it just makes your skin look so flawless. If you struggle with dilated, large pores this is a wise investment.

  Three times a week I exfoliate otherwise I get quite clogged pores and I can get breakouts. As an exfoliator I use the BIODERMA Sebium Exfoliating Gel. It is quite gentle and it does it's job really well with oily skin.


  I really hope this was helpful! My morning skincare routine is the same as my night time routine since I don't believe in heavy over the night products. I think that if you keep your skin clean, hydrated and treat it's specific problems you don't need anything else.
  Like I said my skin is now completely normal, I can go outside without wearing any makeup,I'm so much more confident and I wish I knew about these products earlier.
  Please let me know in the comments below about any products that you use or any tricks you have!

Love every single one of you who reads this!

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One sweater - 4 outfits!!!

    So I've been clothing shopping for the past month because I felt like my wardrobe was a bit childish and I've been getting into a more classic, mature style with a bit of edge. One of my favourite things that I've picked out was this burgundy Zara sweater that I decided to style for you in this blogpost.
    Before I get into it a few notes: first of all I'm sorry for the not so good quality pictures but I had camera issues so I had to stick to my old trusty phone; second of all I will try to put links to every clothing item but some of the stuff I bought last year or years ago so I don't think I will be able to find them online anymore.
    So, without further ado this is one sweater - 4 outfits:


  Number 1: Comfy-Casual

     I paired the sweater with a pair of dark Zara jeans, super comfy black UGGs and casual Zara blak bag with burgundy interior lining. Accessories wise I kept it really simple with just my Fossil rose gold watch and my perfume of choice was Gucci Guilty, my current favourite perfume. This outfit is perfect for school/college/university when you are to lazy to get yourself done up and you want to be comfortable but still looking chic and pretty.

Number 2: Effortless-Edgy

      This is pretty much the same idea but instead of jens I went for this black faux leather Zara leggings (they are actually faux leather in the front and normal leggings in the back) , Zara black leather biker boots and my Michael Kors black bag. I kept the same accesories because I felt they work very well and so I created an edgy but still feminine and fashionable look that you can wear almost everywhere.

Number 3: Done up-Rock chick

   A bit more effort went into this outfit but nothing crazy. For the bottoms I went for faux leather leggings ,kept the same boots and threw a Zara black shirt with studs on the collar underneath the sweater which peaks through nicely. My bag is a simple shoulder bag from Pimkie that I got last year and to give the outfit a feminine touch I chose my Pandora bracelet and Chanel Allure perfume.

Number 4: Simply-Ellegant

   Last but not least my favourite look! I picked this dress up from Mango last week and it's a gorgeous black and white printed dress with a skinny black belt at the waist. I feel like it goes really nicely with the burgundy sweater as well as with the slightly ellegant chain purse that I also have from Mango and my knee high Zara boots. I love how chic and girly this outfit looks and to finish it off  I added my Pandora bracelet again and Terry Muler Alien perfume.

   Hope you will enjoy this and that it will give you some inspiration for this fall. A chunky knit sweater it's so versatile you cand create any type of look with it. Also if the weather gets really cold a leather jacket will work with any of this outfits.

   Please tell me in the comment section below what fashion peaces are you loving this season and also wich one of these outfits would you wear and which one is your favourite!


Love every single one of you who reads this!

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